Teacher Goals

The following pages show a progression that could be used in helping students develop basic English Skills.

The ideas are taken from a several online resources, including the CASAS site.  Please refer to that site for more information on, and goals for,  “Higher Beginner ELL Level,”  “Intermediate  ELL Level” and “More Advanced” English Language Learner levels.

Links to printable PDF copies of the following charts:

Link to printable PDF copy: Beginning English Language Learner Standards and Goals

Link to printable PDF copy:  Vocabulary List for Beginning English Language Learners



English Language Learners,  Beginning, Page 1
“Content Standards,” areas of instruction and “Goals”

English ELL content standards page 1English ELL content standards page 2


Vocabulary for Beginning Language Learners
( from Begining to High Beginning)

English ELL  beginning vocabulary categories


Note from Kathy:  I don’t know whether the materials in this blog will get used…my hope is that people will find them and put them to good use.

It was a lot of work creating these materials and I wondered, to myself,

“Why am I putting so much effort into creating these materials?”

Well, I guess I’m doing that because helping people to understand, speak and read in any language they choose….seems “important”…  very very important…

Somewhere, perhaps, someone might be looking for basic teaching materials, and I have an ability to create some of those… and so I do!  Please share freely!

The following beautiful youtube video, “Fantastic Fungi,” expresses part of my inspiration.

Paul Stamets has a fascination with, passion for and commitment to learning about the critical importance of mushrooms and fungi to the well being of our planet Earth.

I guess I have a passion for,  deep belief in and commitment to  supporting all people’s happiness, confidence, well being and connection with others by helping people learn to speak English, if that’s what they want to do…to be able to understand, talk with and nurture relationships with all people in their communities…simple as that!

As Paul Stamets says, at 1:38 into this short, beautiful video…

“we need to have a paradigm shift…”

We ARE all connected!


“Okay…. I tried!”

Nature is a spirit of good Fantastic Fungi At least I tried


Nature is a spirit of good  it is a spirit



May each and every one of us
do all that we can
to support the remarkable “force of good,”
in ourselves and each other…
that amazing “spirit of goodness!”


do all you can earth

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