Amigos, Level 7

Amigos,   Level 7,   Macmillan Reading Book

The stories in the book Amigos have good English words and sentences for learning and practicing speaking and reading in  English.

Learning English from children’s books can be easier and more useful for practicing everyday words, sentences and conversations in English.

Please practice:

  • Read each story out loud, using good expression.
  • Read each story out loud  again and again, until it is very easy for you to read all of the words.
  • Reading these stories out loud, again and again, will help you learn to use these words and sentences and sentence patterns when you are talking in English.


*** Larger, printable pdf copy of all typed up stories in Amigos***
Amigos. Level 7, all stories typed



Amigos, Level 7,  Macmillan Reading Book

Stories in Amigos, Level 7:

  • Mouse Wants a Friend,   page 6
  • The Funny Woman,         page 18
  • On the Go,       page 38
  • The House in the Woods,   page 42
  • Where is Izzy?        page 56
  • Here I Come,    page 78



Mouse Wants a Friend          (Amigos, Level 7,   story # 1,  page 6)



Mouse wants a friend.
He wants a friend who can run and jump.

Can he be a friend? (Raggedy Andy doll)
He can’t run and jump.
He likes to sit and look.

Can he be a friend? ( a bird)
He can’t run and jump.
He likes to fly.

Can he be a friend? ( a cat)
Mouse wants a friend who does not sit and look.
He wants a friend who does not fly.
Mouse wants a friend who can run and jump.

Mouse Finds a Friend             (Mouse Wants a Friend, part 2 )

Can he be a friend? ( a frog)
He can’t run.
He can jump.
But he jumps high.
He jumps too high.

Can he be a friend? ( a turtle)
He can’t run and jump.
He likes to walk slowly.
He walks too slowly.

Mouse wants to find a friend.
But he does not like to sit and look.
He can’t fly or jump high.
And he does not like to walk slowly.
Will Mouse find a friend?

What is that? (another mouse)
Does she jump up and down?
Does she run in and out?
Is she the friend Mouse wants?
Yes! She is a mouse, too.


The Funny Woman,        (Amigos, Level 7, Story # 2,   page 18 )


I go to school on a bus.
My friends ride on the bus, too.
We like to ride on the school bus.

A funny woman drove the bus.
We liked the funny woman who drove the bus.
She drove and she sang.
She sang to the birds.
She sang to the dogs.
She sang to my friends.
And we sang, too.

The woman gave funny presents to my friends and me.
And we gave funny presents to the woman.

I gave little things, like a little mouse and a little car.
She liked the car. She liked the mouse, too.

A Sad Day (Funny Woman, part 2, page 21 )

One day the funny woman was not on the bus.
A woman drove the bus that day.
The woman was not too funny.
We sang to the woman.
But she said, “I don’t like that. You can’t do that on my bus.”

I said to the woman, “Where is my friend who drove the bus?”
The woman said, “She is too old. She is at home.”

“I want to see her. She is my friend,” I said.

So one day, I went to find the old woman.
I went to her house.
The old woman was not there.
But a little girl was there.

I said, “Where is the woman who likes boys and girls?”

“She is at the park with her dog. You will find her there,” said the girl.
I went to the park but she was not there.
A woman was there, but she was not my friend.
So I went home.
“I can’t find the funny old woman,” I said.
I was sad that day.
The old woman was my friend.

The Old Woman at School         ( Funny Woman, part 3, page 28 )

One day I went to school.
And there was the old woman.
“Are you going to drive the bus?” I said.
“Are you going to drive my friends and me home?”

“No,” said the woman.
“I can’t drive the bus.
But I can work.
I will see if I can find work here.”

I went into school.

“The old woman is here,”
I said to my friends
“She is here to find work.”

My friends said,
“She is too old.
She can’t work here.”

“She can if she wants to,” I said.

In school we read, and we sang.
But the day went slowly.

Then we went to the lunchroom.
And there she was!
The old woman!

“Are you going to work here?”
I said.

“Yes,” she said.
“I like it here in the lunchroom.
I can be with my friends.”

So the woman works in the lunchroom.
And, if she can,
she sits down with my friends and me.

One day, I gave the old woman a present.
It was a bird.
She said, “What a bird!
I like it
I do like it.”

And one day the old woman
sang in the lunch room.
She sang to the boys,
to the girls
to my friends,
and to me.




On the Go,          ( Amigos,   Level 7,  Story # 3,    page 38 )


Here is a city school.
There are so many things to do here.
There is work to do.
There are friends to see.
And there are places to go.

Boys and girls are on the go.
And sometimes things are lost.
Sometimes things like hats and gloves are lost.
Books and lunches can be lost, too.

So there is a place in school to find lost things.
You can find hats and gloves and books and lunches there.

Sometimes lost things are not there.
Boys and girls are sad if lost things are not there.

But boys and girls are not too sad.
You see, there are so many things to do in a city school.
Boys and girls are on the go.




The House in the Woods,      (Amigos, Level 7,  Story # 4,   Page 42 )



There was a hill in the woods.
There was a house on the hill.
And there was a man in the house.
The man liked things to be in place.

He liked to know
where to find his hat
and where to find his umbrella.
He liked to know
where to find his other things.

So there was a place for his hat
and a place for his umbrella.
And there was a place
for his other things, too.
“I like to know where things are,” said the man.

The Green Rock     (House in the Woods, part 2, page 45 )
The man was happy with his things.
And he was happy to have a house in the woods.

One day he went out for a walk in the woods.
The woods were green.

“What a day!” said the man.

He looked at the woods.
There were birds that sang.
There was a little lake.
There were fish in the lake.

The many saw the birds fly.
And he saw the fish jump.
And he liked what he saw.

Then the man looked down.
And he saw a rock. ( a turtle!)
It was a green rock and he liked it.

“It will go with my things,” said the man.
“I will find a place for it, if I can.”
He looked at the woods.
He saw the fist and the birds.
And he saw his green rock.
The man was happy.

“What a day!” he said.

A Surprise           ( House in the Woods, part 3, page 49)

“Will my green rock go here?” said the man.
But the rock looked too big.
It did not go there.

“Will it go here?”
But the rock looked too little.
It did not go there.
“I like this rock,” said the man.
“But if there is no place for it, I can’t have it in my house. Out you go.”
But then he looked at the rock.
“What is this?” he said.
“A turtle! A surprise! A green turtle! What a surprise!”

“This turtle can be my friend.
Can I find a place for a friend in my house?”

The man looked at his hat box.
Then he looked at the box for his other things.

“My hat does not have to have a box,” he said.
“It can go with my other things.”

“This box will be for you,” the man said to the turtle.
“There is a place for my things and a place for you!”

And the man and the turtle were happy
in the house
on the hill
in the woods.


Where Is Izzy?        (Amigos, Level 7, Story #5    Page 56 )


Hal looked in the box.
Mindy looked, too.

“Izzy was in this box.
He is not here.
Where is Izzy?” said Hal.

“Does your mother know?
Did you ask your mother?” said Mindy.

“No!” said Hal.
“If I ask my mother, she will want me to do my school work.”

“Does your father know? Did you ask your father?” Mindy said.

“No!” said Hal.
“If I ask my father, he will want me to paint the house.”
“Did you ask that man?” said Mindy.
“No!” said Hal.
“He will want my help.”

“Did you ask that woman?” said Mindy.
“No! She will want my help, too.”

Then Mindy said, “I know what you can do, Hal. You can ask and run!”

“Why do you say that?” said Hal.

“If you ask and run, then you don’t have to help,” said Mindy.

“Yes!” said Hal.
“That is what I will do”

“Hal! Hal!” said Mindy.

But Hal was not there.

Hal Runs Fast    ( Where is Izzy?  part 2, page 63 )

Hal ran to the house.
He saw his mother.
“Have you seen Izzy?” Hal said as he ran.

“No Hal, but __”
Hal ran fast.
“Hal!” said his mother.
But he was gone.

He saw his father.
“Have you seen Izzy?” Hal said as he ran.

“No, Hal. But—-“

Hal ran fast and was gone.

Hal saw the man.
“Have you seen Izzy?” said Hal as he ran.

“No,” said the man.
Then he looked up.

But Hal ran too fast for the man.

Hal saw the woman.
“Have you seen Izzy?” said Hal.

“No,” said the woman.
But Hal ran fast and was gone.

Hal Finds Izzy    (Where is Izzy?  Part 3, page 67 )

Hal saw the mailman.
“Have you seen Izzy?” said Hal.
“Who is Izzy?” said the mailman.
“Izzy is my lizard,” Hal said.

“He is, is he?” the mailman said.
“Yes, Izzy is my lizard. But where is he?” Hal said.

“Hal,” the mailman said.
“Come here. Is this lizard Izzy?”
“Yes!” said Hal.
“This is Izzy!”

Hal and Izzy    ( Where is Izzy?  part 4,   page 71)

“I see you found your lizard,” said the woman.
“I wanted to tell you, but you ran too fast.”

“I see you found your lizard,” said the man.
“I wanted to tell you, but you ran too fast.”

Hal and the mailman saw Mindy.
“I see you found your lizard,” said Mindy.
“I wanted to tell you, but you ran too fast.”
Hal and the mailman laughed.

Hal saw his father.
“I see you found Izzy,” said he father.
“I wanted to tell you, but you ran—–“
“I know. I ran too fast!” Hal laughed.

Hal went to the house.
“I see you found Izzy,” said his mother.
“I know,” said Hal.
“You wanted to tell me but I ran too fast.”

“No,” said his mother.
“I wanted to tell you to do your school work!”

“Mother!” said Hal.
The he looked at Izzy, and he laughed.





Here I Come      Story # 6    Page 78


Debbie and Ann are friends.
If it does not rain, the girls like to go to the park.

One day Ann said, “Debbie, Debbie, come on out.
This is a day for the park.
That’s the place to go.”

Debbie looked out.
“It looks like a good day for the park,” she said.
“I’ll be out. Wait for me.”

“I’ll wait,” said Ann.

“Ann, wait for me!” It was a boy.

“Who is that?” said Debbie.

“That’s Jay,” said Ann.
“His mother and my mother are friends.”

The boy ran up to the girls.

“Do you want to come to the park?” said Ann.
“That’s the place to be on a day like this,” said Jay. “I’ll come.”

“Run and hide,” said Ann. “Then I’ll find you.”

“I like to hide,” said Debbie. “Come on Jay.”
“I like to hide too,” said Jay. “Wait and see. I’ll hide so Ann can’t find me!”

Jay and Debbie ran to hide.

One, Two, Three   (Here I Come, Part 2)
“One. Two. Three. Here I come!” said Ann.

Ann looked for Jay and Debbie.
She saw a box.
She looked in.
But she did not see Jay or Debbie.

Then she saw a red thing. “That’s a red hat,” said Ann. “Jay had his red hat on. That’s Jay.”

“I see you, Jay. Come on out. Come out, and I’ll look for Debbie,” said Ann.

“I saw you peek,” said Jay. “You saw me run and hide. That is what you did.”

“I did not peek,” said Ann. “I saw your red hat. But hide if you want to. I’ll call one, two, three. Then I’ll look for you.”

“Wait here,” said Jay as he ran. And don’t peek!”


That Red Hat Again              ( Here I Come, Part 3)

“One. Two. Three. Here I come,” said Ann.

Ann looked in the box again.
But no one was there.
She looked and looked.
She saw a big rock.
Then she saw the red hat move.

It was Jay! Ann didn’t see Debbie.

“Come out Jay,” Ann said.

“You said one, two, three too fast,” Jay said. “So I didn’t hide where you found me. I want to hide again.”

Ann was not happy with Jay. But she said, “Hide again. You can hide where you want to. Let’s see if I can find you.”

“One, two, three,” said Ann.

Ann looked and looked.
Then she looked up.
She saw the red thing move.
It was Jay with his red hat again.
But Debbie didn’t call Jay.

She went to look for Debbie.
She looked and looked.
And then she saw her.

“Come on out, Debbie. I found you,” said Ann.
“I saw you move.
I know where Jay is, too.
But he likes to hide.
So, he can hide.
Let’s go.

The two girls went to the lake.

“Where is Ann?” said Jay.
“I don’t want to wait here.
I’ll see where she is.”
Jay went to the lake.
“Ann,” he said.
“I wanted you to find me.”

“I did,” said Ann.
“But you didn’t like that.
So I let you hide.”

Jay was happy to be with his friends again.
He likes to hide sometimes.
But he didn’t hide again that day!


The End



New words from this book, Amigos, Level 7.

  • Please, practice reading from this list, again and again.
  • Many of these words will be in the next level books, too.
  • It is important to be able to understand, say and remember these words.



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