Food: fruit, vegetables, sandwiches

This page: fruits, veggies, Subway Sandwich menu

Fruits: (photos from Oxford Picture Dictionary, pages 8 and 9)


English vocabulary  fruit photos and words


Fruits page 1

Fruits page 2  (photos from Oxford Picture Dictionary)

Fruits page 2


Veggies, vegetables
(photos from Oxford Picture Dictionary)

English vocabulary vegetable pictures and words


  page 1
(photos from Oxford Picture Dictionary)

Veggies page 1

Veggies, page 2
(photos from Oxford Picture Dictionary)

veggies page 2


Subway Sandwiches
names of sandwiches,
what is in each sandwich,
choices you have when ordering sandwiches


subway sandwiches photos of them


subway photos typed labels with ingredients


subway steps to choose


subway ingredients sideways

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