Before printing letters: lines, circles, zig zags


If students do not know how to write or print in their own language, they might need extra practice with making vertical lines, horizontal lines, slanted lines, zig zag lines, curves, circles BEFORE they are ready to actually practice making individual letters.

Students whose native language uses a different alphabet may need extra practice with drawing the following lines and curves too, BEFORE being ready to practice the formation of the ABC’s.



vertical lines: start at the top and draw a straight line down: use language down, down, down, down, down

Vertical lines will be used in letters:  L  l       H  h     T  t     I  i      B  b    D  d   E    F  f      K k     Mm    N n     P p    R r  

horizontal lines: start at the left side and draw a short line across: use language across, across, across, across

Horizontal lines with be used in:  A      E  e       F f     G    H     J     L    T     Z


preprinting lines vertical and horizontal


Slanted lines:
will be used in letters: A    K k      M       N      V v     W w    Xx    Yy    Z z    )



preprinting lines slanted lines


zig zag lines

Zig zag lines will be used in:  V  v        W  w     X   x  

preprinting lines zig zag



Curved up lines will be used in:  U  u 

Curved down lines will be used in:  h    m      n     r  

preprinting lines curves




Circles will be used in:   o    a      b      d      g     p     q 

Partial circles will be used in:    B  b      C   c      D  d       G  g     O o     P p    Q  q

preprinting lines circles