Who Can: Level 4


Words and stories from

Who Can, Level 4, Macmillan

english reading who can cover


Stories in this book, Who Can?

  • I Can
  • You Can, Too
  • Dogs
  • The Little Man and the Big Man
  • Bob
  • Who Is That Man?


Who Can? stories:  page 1

Printable pdf copy of: English Reading Who Can stories

Video and Audio of Kathy reading each story:
I Can, page 5, 


english Who Can Stories page 1


Who Can stories: page 2


english Who Can Stories page 2


Who Can?  new words from each story

Printable pdf copy of words from Who Can?:  Who Can? words Level 4 

english reading Who Can vocabulary words


english who can photo of word list


Larger, printable pdf copy of: English: simple sentences  patterns from stories in Who Can?

Practice saying these sentence, using different words from the right hand column.
Practice again and again.
These are good basic sentences for practicing talking in English.

 Who Can sentence patterns with blanks


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