5. Conversation sentences

Very simple conversations

English short basic conversation sentences


Oakland conversatin your name, live, school etc 001


Basic conversation, English With Jennifer:  Youtube English Lessons

Some of the specific, very beginning, individual conversation videos are linked below


Lesson 1:   Greetings
How are you?
Fine thanks! etc


english with jennifer





Lesson 2:    More greetings
How are you?
Fine thanks, etc


english with jennifer lesson 2 more greetings





Lesson 3:   Greetings throughout the day
Good bye, bye,
Good morning,
Good afternoon etc 


english with jennifer lesson 3 greetings throughout the day




Lesson 4:  Useful Expressions
I’m sorry.
I don’t understand.
I have a question.
Please repeat that. etc


english with jennifer useful expressions lesson 4




Lesson 5 More Useful Expressions 
What does that mean?
What is ______?   etc

lesson 5 more useful expressions




Lesson 6: Introducing yourself
My name is _____.
Nice to meet you.
What is your name?
My name is ______.
Nice to meet you, too  etc


jennifer lesson 6 introducing yourself my name is


English English with Jennifer l 3 and 4 larger font


English eng with jennifer 1 through 4 conversation




Asking for clarification when not understanding someone

(from Classroom Worksheets, an excellent website containing a wide variety of materials)


English asking clarification when not understanding




English asking clarification sentences and questions






Some typical topics of conversation


english conversation simple basic sentences


English conversations basic sentences page 2

Printable pdf copy of:  more conversations.sentences (above)

Link to larger, printable, easier to read copy of sentence below:
Sentences for welcoming people and saying good by to peopleenglish conversatin welcoming and saying good by


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