Eritrea Ethiopia Dictionaries

Link to Tigrinya – English Picture Dictionary

Click to access Tigrinya-EnglishDictionary-V1-6-1UseOnComputer.pdf

Another:  Tigrinya- English  phrases


Link:  Explanation of  Tigrinya – English sounds of the Tigrinya Lanuage


Link: Useful phrases in Tigrinya-English


Link: Tigrinya – English Alphabet

Link: common phrases in English and Tigrinya


Link: Tigrinya – English numbers


Link: Amharic Language explanation


Link: Ethiopian-Amharic-English phrases

Link:  Amharic-English phrases

Link: Amharic – English numbers

Link: Amharic alphabet, with English sounds

Link: audio of Amharic-English phrases

Link: basic Amharic-English  vocabulary, with audio

Link: Useful words and phrases in Amharic, Tigrinya and English


Link: Arabic – English phrases


Link: more Arabic  – English phrases

Link: a variety of Arabic – English phrases

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