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This blog, English for Me, Too  ( english4me2 ) contains a variety of basic materials to support learning to understand, say, read and write in basic English.

I created  or modified these materials for students that I help who are from Tibet, Eritrea and Ethiopia. These students are still learning the letters of the English alphabet, so I modified pages from several excellent  commercial picture dictionaries so that the students could more easily read the words.

Several of the students do not have good vision, so much larger fonts were needed.

All materials were created and intended for personal use.

The specific picture dictionaries are referenced on each copy and are all available from Amazon.  I strongly recommend purchasing these books, if students have access to Amazon.


English For Me, Too  = English 4 me 2  =  english4me2.wordpress.com



What is in the top headline area?
(Headline= menu in black area along the top of this page)
Put cursor over category in headline area: new menu will appear
Click cursor on what you want to see or learn

The categories and contents of  each of those categories are shown in the diagram below


English4me2  explanation of front page of blog




Vision check: it’s a good idea to check vision.  Many books are written in size 12 fonts.  If you can’t see that size 12 font clearly, it may be difficult for you to see and read the words in books.

Vision check: printable pdf copy of  Vision Check page with different size fonts: Vision Check: words and sentences)

  • Print out the pdf copy of Vision Check words and sentences: Vision Check: words and sentences)
  • Read sentences in all different sized fonts.
  • Notice which size font is the smallest font that can be easily seen and read.
  • If  words are unfamiliar and reader can’t read words, try reading the names of the letters in the words.
  • Read with your right eye open  (with left  eye covered by a piece of paper.)
  • Then read with left eye open  (with right eye covered by a piece of paper.)
  • Then read with both eyes open
  • Write down, on that paper,  which sized fonts are best for each eye


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